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Distraction from Gloom..

My regular readers will know that a family member of mine died a few days ago.  So the mood in the house is one of sadness and gloom.  We get tearful from time to time.  Each one of us.  Not all at the same time but still....

I received an SMS today which made me laugh out loud.  It was an advertisement for something absolutely weird.  A vibrating belt!  A vibrating belt indeed.....'what the heck is that?' I thought.  Well apparently it is a slimming aid of some sort. It is being offered at some kind of discount rate the advertisement says...

Well, if I decide to lose weight, now or at any other time, I wouldn't choose that method.  I've heard that there are women who go to gyms and run and walk on running machines.  Get into your car and go to the gym.  What a paradox.  And walk several miles.........on a machine!   It makes me laugh just to think about it.  When you can just go for a walk, why do that?  I know two  ladies who go to my church.  They live minutes away, and they always go by car.  And if the car's not available, they take a rickshaw.  I usually walk there if I don't have the children with me.  And both ladies are extremely overweight, with all the attendent ailments.  I'm not surprised!

I wouldn't like to become so dependent on technology that I'd need a machine to make me exercise.  But I suppose anything is possible....


  1. I would love to live where one could walk to everything! Unfortunately, I work, so I use the companies exercise room provided for us, machines and all! lol When I get home in the evening, it's dark and I don't like walking alone around the neighbor. Do you find it hard to come up with subjects to write about every day for the NaBloPro? I guess this will help us focus on how we want our blogsite to be.

  2. You can keep the gyms and the jogging, a good walk any day will suit me..... and bring the camera.... it gives endless topics to blog about.

  3. I walk everywhere, and yet I still drive to the gym because it is too far. I just like all my different exercises. You are right of course... and I do see that it is silly.

  4. Sorry to hear that you are feeling so low because of the bereavement.

    As regards the vibrating belt....... sounds as though it could become very irritating. think I will stick to will power.

    Nuts in May

  5. Sorry to hear of your family's loss. Grief is often a lonely road we must walk. Thankfully spring follows the barren winter.

  6. I go to the gym every other day to use the weight machines. And I've now added the stair stepper to the regime. I love walking uphill or up stairs and I'm photosensitive so mostly have to keep out of the sun. So instead of the hiking I used to do I play Sudoku while climbing stairs...121 flights today, a bit more than usual. I also watch DVDs while I use my Nordic Track treadmill and jogging trampoline. The important thing about exercise is to keep it fun.

    I used to walk every day and loved it, but no sense moping about. Find something else that does the trick and get on with one's life. :)

  7. Gaelikaa, don't get me started on gyms. I have too many friends wingeing about their annual membership fees only to then always find an excuse not to go.

    I follow the fitness advice my gynaecologist gave me when I was in my early twenties. He said: Go and fell a tree.

    Which I do to this day.

    Other than that you might like to go (and you have) the road my two sisters have chosen of having a large brood, husbands to keep happy, big houses to be maintained and jobs to be held down - in tandem. Compared to them I am downright lazy, though luckily all that felling of trees and my genes keep me as slim and trim as they are without ever setting a foot on a treadmill. We are not hamsters.

    Keep walking,


  8. I'm with you. Shall we go for a walk?

  9. *LOL* I'm sure I know what you mean.

  10. We live in a world of contradictions... ;-)

  11. I walk as much as I can and I so wish everyone else would too. There's a whole world out there to see when you're on foot, you miss so much through a car window!


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