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Washing Machine Trouble!

 A few months ago it was the drier.  Now it is my washing machine which is bothering me!  No sooner would the water enter the machine last week, but it would exit from the bottom of the tub immediately, rendering my machine not only useless, but dangerous also!  I mean, water and electricity.  But well, when I realised that the machine was ten years old, I thought, high time we replaced it.  So I said to my husband, "let's get a new washing machine!"  He said, "let's see if we can repair the old one first."

I must mention here that in my house, they hate replacing anything, including old electrical appliances.  It is, I feel, one of their more endearing qualities, this clinging on to the past, this reluctance to move on into a bright future.  The sandwich toasty machine died recently.  It was, however, over twenty years old.  Twenty one I think.  I remember Yash buying that in Dublin for the family when he used to live there.  They're still in mourning.  Can't bring themselves to replace the old one.  And then there's an iron which can't be less than twenty five years old whatever way you look at it.  It's practically ready to give up the ghost any minute.  Yet they can't bring themselves to say goodbye to it.

Yash is hardly ever home, but when he is he is quite a handy man.  I truly feel that if he had not been a professor, he would have been one hell of a maintenance man.  There's nothing he likes better than mucking around the house stripped to the waist (wearing only a men's kilt like garment known as a 'lungi') getting things fixed.

Well, he somehow got the machine fixed!  Hurray! It's good for another six months at least.


  1. Great that Yash is so handy! I'm not a happy person when a major appliance is on the blink!

  2. Hate those electronic gremlins. They always strike when least convenient.

  3. My husband is handy too. I love it...I'm used to having to do it myself. Glad your washer is still working.

    Fingers crossed that you get a new toasty machine soon.

  4. I'm glad he was able to fix it. I'm like his family, I get attached to my loyal appliances. We finally had to replace our 1982 TV set a few months ago. I took pictures of it before saying goodbye.

  5. A washing machine is the one piece of kitchen equipment I would find difficult to manage without. I am glad you got it sorted.

    PS Any chance I could borrow Yash for a week... I have plenty of jobs that need a man's hand.

  6. I'm glad you at least got your machine fixed!

    My family (well at least on my mother's side) is the same way. Mainly because we don't have money to buy new items. But we make things last forever!!! When I was working for a famous mattress company in the past, I finally convinced my parents to take advantage of my employee discount to buy a new mattress. They had been sleeping on the old one for over 15 years!!! EEEK!

  7. I find that when one thing goes, others follow suit, usually in threes! This happened to us recently, starting with the tumble drier and ending with the hoover with a few more in between. I'm sending you good karma to make sure it is just this one thing although it seems like your husband could fix it in a jiffy....and in a kilt like item too...what more could you ask. :O) xx

  8. You got a good man there. Buy him more tools - think of the possiblities. :)

  9. Hello gaelikaa - I really like calling out your name :)

    Sometimes you wish things would break down so that you can go out and buy new! I enjoyed your story, it brings smile and I can just totally relate - to a culture that wouldn't let go :)

  10. Gaelikaa, you poor thing - my heart goes out to you. Though, admittedly, you put your predicament in such a dryly funny way it made me laugh.

    I don't know if it'll work with your relatives and/or husband but you might remind them that the latest washing machines, driers and dishwashers are now so much more energy efficient - saving not only a bundle in the long run but also that all precious water. Good luck.

    I hope you are not being made to darn socks.

    May you wash another day,

  11. Thanks Ursula, I saw you on Grannymar's blog and I know you have no blog. I found your comment very amusing!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I think I'm a bit jinxed when it comes to washing machines - I think it's all the boil washes I put them through (I know, bad for the environment, but good for getting rid of germs).


  14. it's good to have a handy fellow and as long as the things can be made to work properly i suppose it's better than putting them in the dump. though the dangerous ones, i say replace.

    thanks for stopping by my place at hilary's suggestion.

  15. My washing machine is making an unusual noise when it switches from spin to rinse. Plus refrierator compressor is making a very loud thump when it switches off. I just hate the expense and having to go shop and choose either a washer or refrigerator. I wish I had a handy man like Yash! Good post!

  16. At least we must have one washing machine. I bought a new one for my wife last month. And i think she like it.

  17. Gaelikaa, maybe some of your commentators who so blatantly envy you the 'handy' Yash might like to purchase (the totally useless diy self help title) "100 things a woman doesn't need a man for". I do have a copy - as new - looking for a good home.


  18. I am not a handyman. I am however knowledgeable. Two weeks ago, I had exactly the same trouble with my washing machine. It is an old model and the company that produced it has disappeared into some amalgamation. I however knew the old service station fellows and called them. They sent a technician across and for peanuts, he fixed it. He tells me that the machine should be good for another five to six years. Good enough for me.

    I also have trustworthy electrician, carpenter and plumber who are all with their mobile phones. Any grief, and it is fixed in no time.

  19. Ursula, you may hava a copy of "100 things a woman doesn't need a man for" going a begging, but I can assure you that there are certain jobs that need a man's strength. I am sure you saw mention of that fact on my blog recently.

    I am sometimes called a stubborn mule because I try to do all manner of things myself without asking for help. I was fortunate to have a wonderful husband for twenty years who shared his knowledge and taught me many things.

    I do wish you started your own blog so that we could all get to know the real you!

  20. If you get desperate - just pull the underwire out of an old bra and stick in it the washing machine and leave it there for a wash or two - it should disappear into the bowels of the machine and do some nice damage! :-) Plus the newer washing machines are so much quicker and more efficient these days!

  21. A man's (or two) strength, Grannymar: You are quite right - worth their weight.

    Luckily, considering that most grown men of my acquaintance seem to suffer from back problems, I now have my own homegrown resident eighteen year old, of sudden herculean powers, and his friends who will help out as and when the roof needs propping up.

    In the wake of our recent move two of them offered to put my bed back together. I was touched. Unfortunately they did not want me to oversee the work in progress; two hours later they presented me proudly with the result. In eight months I haven't had the heart to tell them that since their efforts I have had the pleasure of sleeping on a gentle slope. I think one calls it a bodge job. Still, it's the thought that counts and one can get used to anything.

    My own blog to get to know the REAL me, Grannymar?

    Yours, for real,

  22. Ursula,

    Whatever do you do to all the men to cause so much back problems?


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