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Long ago, I once worked as a receptionist in a company where a very competent young lady - I'll call her Audrey - was an accounts clerk Audrey was a quiet, serious young woman who was respected and liked by everyone. According to popular legend going around the company at the time, Audrey was a complete 'rock of sense'. She never said anything unless it was true - she never made a mistake, not even in calculations. It wasn't that everyone went around saying that - it was just an accepted, even unspoken fact of life.

One time, Audrey's wonderful qualities got her into trouble. She accidentally witnessed one of the company's most trusted employees committing a crime - and unintentionally blurted this fact out in front of two of the senior managers! Talk about timing!

How did it happen? She was coming back on duty after a late lunch break. She was brushing her hair in the ladies' staffroom when her eye caught an open purse under a chair near the open door. She recognised the purse as belonging to Angie, another girl in the accounts section. She noticed that the open purse had a wad of cash inside. Well it was pay day! Suddenly, in a lightening movement, she saw a security man appear, retrieve the purse and disappear as fast as he can appeared. Mr. X, the Security In-Charge. Well, the purse was in good hands now. Angie would soon get it back.

A few minutes later, two of the Senior Managers were in the Accounts Office querying a matter with Audrey, when an office junior thrust a collection box under her nose, demanding that Audrey pay five pounds (about five Euros) towards a collection for Angie, the girl who had lost her purse. Laughing loudly, thinking it was a joke, Audrey informed the girl that she already knew Angie's purse had been found and that it had been picked up, full of cash, by the Security In-Charge. The two Senior Managers looked at each other. The Security In-Charge had returned the purse all right. Empty!

The upshot was that the man was discharged of his duties, to put it mildly. Audrey was absolutely horrified to have been a part of getting a man sacked from his job, but she had done it in total innocence. There was a day in court too. The disgruntled ex-employee was demanding reinstatement. Audrey was summoned to the witness box and cross examined by an experienced lawyer. In order to re-establish the lost credibility of his client, Mr. X, the lawyer had to discredit Audrey, and oh, how he tried. He repeatedly asked the court how could they take the word of a 'young female accounts clerk' (he mouthed the term in the same way one would say 'a bit of frivolous fluff') against the word of a respectable, responsible married man and father of a family, a pillar of the community, the father of a man who served the country in uniform.

Audrey was shaken by the lawyer's attack. But she had self-confidence. She did not break in the cross examination, despite the best efforts of the lawyer. Mr. X was not reinstated. But it seemed so unjust that in order to re-establish his client's integrity, the lawyer had to stoop so low as to practically attack a young girl and pull her to pieces in public.

Lawyers, solicitors, barristers. People who are skilled in knowledge of the law. In theory they use that knowledge to help people less skilled to get justice. In practise, they may very well twist the law around to help the corrupt to dodge justice. Thankfully, not all are so unprincipled. Before Mahatma Gandhi became a political and spiritual leader, he was a practising lawyer. Apparently, he never defended anyone in court if he knew them to be guilty. He had no intention of twisting the law to help the guilty to get away.

Can you believe that the devil is a lawyer? He is, you know. He defended himself at his own trial in Heaven, when he was accused of high treason and rebellion against God, the father of us all. He was, however, unsuccessful. He was sentenced to death, but out of respect for universal law he remains alive until his lease as ruler of the world runs out - and that can be anytime, any day, any year now! Many say, through interpeting Bible prophesies, that we are living in the times when this is due to happen. I await the outcome with interest. Until his time is over, he is causing havoc on the earth. Typhoons and whirlwinds? Him. Cancer? Same. Swine flu? You've got it.

It is said that at his Heavenly trial, before his sentence was passed, he declared that if he had to die, so be it! But he swore to take with him to death every man, woman and child who had ever lived. He was an expert in universal law, and knew for a fact, that there is no man in the universe who had not sinned. The Heavenly lawyers racked their brains, and unearthed a proviso that said only the human sacrifice of a perfect human being would produce the elixir that would wash away the sins of mankind. That was when God's beloved Son and second person of the Heavenly Trinity agreed to come to the Earth as a Man and offer Himself as a Sacrifice for the sins of mankind - His sacrifice took the form of an execution in a manner routine for the Roman administration under which He lived. We must know the legal facts, so that when we find ourselves facing the Heavenly judge and jury to answer for our sins, we can declare that God's own Son has taken my punishment. This is how we will dodge the devil's bid to take us with him.

People who interpret the law for the purposes of justice and righteousness have a noble calling indeed. Did our Master not say 'Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shall be satisfied'? Working for justice is working for God.

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  1. I am not sure what reporting a theft is a bad thing! That security guard should have been fired ... unless he was related tothe boss? Thanks for visiting via Hillary.

  2. Was the cash ever recovered? Did the security man ever give a satisfactory explanation of how he guarded the bag?

  3. Wow! A great post, though like Grannymar, was the money recovered? The last few paragraphs were really good. I don't believe I ever related Satan as being a lawyer. Good point! I had never heard about him vowing to take every woman, child and man with him. Interesting. Very thought provoking post. I think it's my favorite of your LBC posts so far!

  4. That is why it is said that the law is an ass. You can speed up hearing and deliver judgments, Justice however is elusive. Just think of Manu Sharma out on parole!

  5. The devil's his own lawyer? Now he's taking the form of lawyers here on earth. That would explain a lot of things.

    Stephen Tremp

  6. Hi Greetings:)

    The head of security robbing money is a dangerous precedent and if he goes unchecked he will commit more robbery. In the process many innocent people would get the blame. It was very courageous on the part of Audrey to speak up and defend her statement till the very end in spite of the malicious effort of the lawyer to tear her to pieces. The chief of security received a just punishment.

    Your comparison of the lawyer to the devil is very interesting. The devil was an angel originally who disobeyed God. Since he was punished by God, the devil is always desperate to take revenge on human beings who are loved by God. This is why the devil sneaked into the Garden of Eden and tempted our first parents. He is still very active and he always tries to get as many souls as possible to burn in hell.

    I enjoyed reading your thought provoking and very interesting post.

    Have a lovely day:)

  7. It is unfortunate that most of the able lawyer work for the wrong side of the law. they save the criminals.
    At the end they become politicians

  8. Gaelikaa, you got some stories to tell! x

  9. I dare say "Audrey's" innocent view of the world was shattered.

    May you recover.


  10. Well done Audrey, I say. I'd like to think that there are others of her ilk.

    As for the devil... isn't he in the detail?

  11. Oh, I'm glad I didn't miss your post! That was a fascinating read. Poor Audrey; I have a cross between Hepburn and Tatou in my mind when I think of her, white gloves and all. x

  12. What an incredibly interesting post excellent read.

  13. That is some story. It is appalling how Audrey was basically put on trial.

  14. Thanks for sharing.
    This took me way back!
    Years ago I worked in an environment of all women and thefts of money (petty thefts)were taking place and the finger pointed to one woman.
    The police were called in and we were all spoken to/with. Not sure to this day how it went.
    Anyway, after the police came, the thefts did stop.
    To this day I don't know if it was this woman or misdirection by the actual perp.
    I will say that it has made me more conscious of my actions and other people's.

  15. Once again, Gaelikaa, your post is most interesting and direct. It's almost like honor and integrity don't count anymore.

    Poor Audrey. I bet she questions every honest move she makes now!

    I just thought of live in India. Cows are sacred there, right? My last two posts on my animal blog were about a special cow.

    If you have time, take a look!

    I'll go visit the website you told me about!


  16. I also wanted to say that I agree with your perception of the trials that we humans face.

    There are many obstacles that we face and people don't realize te duality of earthy living.

    Just as there is night and day, and man and woman, there is also good and bad.

    We make the choice which to follow and adhere to.


  17. Great post. Your a good writer and I always look forward to visiting your blog.

  18. I am pleasantly surprised at the direction this took from your office story to talking about God's plan of salvation.

    It does seem that Satan still has a lawyerly role as The Accuser, at least for awhile.

  19. That is some story. I think the worst thing about some lawyers is that they come to believe their own propaganda. That's the scary bit.

  20. You always have such interesting post. These things seem to happen all the time. The good person is always question. I don’t understand way he did get his job back, but as always it is how it is ruled

  21. Glad everything came out right in the wash as they say. A thought provoking post. A thoughtful post indeed. (Now that I've landed here in the diary I moved the other one and put this one in my blogroll in its place. Now how do I do the friend thing?

  22. Audrey did the right thing, of course. The thing about dishonesty being that if you are always honest, the truth will always back you up. I loved the "Satan is a lawyer" argument. My dear friend (who was the Public Defender at the time) Pat and I exchanged Cop and Lawyer jokes all the time...her favorite lawyer joke was "what's the difference between a skunk and a lawyer run down in the highway? There are skid marks in front of the skunk!

  23. So many times, if we find ourselves at the wrong time in the wrong place, there can only be troubles. You are write. The justice is blind sometimes. Not just impartial.

  24. That was a very interesting post, in fact the most interesting as far as my opinion is concerned. While I do have my own set of thoughts on defending criminals, I none the less see where you are coming from. Great post :)

  25. I think Audrey did the right thing, but such a shame about the way she was treated in court.


  26. Wow, the power of your convictions and your faith really shines through your writing. And we are the richer for it!

    Audrey sounds like a marvelous woman. And she sounds to me like she may have qualities not dissimilar to your own.

  27. I am totally with Audrey!
    That man should have been dismissed on the spot and Audrey shouldn't have had to go through that hell in court just to keep her good name. It shouldn't have been in question.

    I so agree with you about the devil running the earth for a while..... and isn't he running amok right now....... causing such damage and destruction wherever he goes? But! Jesus will be coming back! So he'd better watch out!

    Nuts in May

  28. Wow! That was absolutely wonderful. A great read from beginning to end. I never thought of Satan as a lawyer but surely he did and does wrangle with us all. And of course when you think of the 40 days that Christ endured in the desert where the devil tried to tempt him. It fits. I enjoyed every word. :) Have a wonderful day!

  29. hmm... you know that somethig similar happend in my office (5 years ago when i was still working in warsaw). it was so unpleasant and the money were never found... who knows what happened on that day... anyways, the lawyers were not in charge in that matter (fortunately).
    wish you a great week, justyna

  30. Wow... I couldn't stop reading. Ohh... I used to work for a lawyer you know? Apart from the fact that I couldn't really accept so many of those horrible things like seeing him destroying innocent people for the sake of rich and powerful ones... I really hated him. he was so rude, no manners at all. He shouted all the time... told us we were a bunch of idiots (I was a junior secretary then) and then one day he made me look for a file till 10 pm shouting all the time. When it came out that the file was at his home, he didn't even say sorry! I think that in order to be such a "good" lawyer you sometimes need to be such a "bad" scum of a person. You know, just to have a laugh, I don't even date a guy if he is lawyer... I can't stand them all... maybe prejudice? I call it selfpreservation! ;-)


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