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In Arrears!

Things have been hectic on the homefront lately.  I haven't posted on "Out of Ireland, Into India" for about three weeks.  As for the daily post here - no!  About three times a week if that.  Not daily!   My Google Reader is overflowing with posts to read.  I haven't visited blogs for a week.  At least.  I've a clutch of awards to pass on!  I'm doing a weekly post on my short story blog, but that's about the only thing that's regular.  You know, writing is like a drug for me!  It makes me feel relaxed and satisfied.  For a while.  And as for answering comments......I love answering comments, I really do!  But I'm so behind!

We've been out of town for a wedding.  It was wonderful, we had a great time, got a warm welcome, but it was exhausting too.  To tell the truth, it took longer to recover from the wedding than it did to be there.  We went Saturday, came back Sunday, and see, it's Wednesday midday already!  Just getting back into things...
And now a pile of relatives who were at the wedding have landed up here for their annual visit.  And horror of horrors, Aunt Urmila is back!  You can refresh your memory about her here, if you have the time!

So if any of my blogging friends are reading this, I'm saying hello and please forgive me for not staying in touch.  I'll be back and organised and regularly visiting again as soon as possible I promise.


  1. Life is hectic at times and we can't always do the things that make us happy. I sympathise...having a house full of visitors is hard work...and the dreaded Aunt as well! Oh I do hope her's will be a very short stay! Good luck...and stay cool!

  2. I checked out your post on the aunt. I believe she has mental problems. Sad, but hard to live with...reminds me of a great-aunt I had. Hmmmmm, must write about her!

    As for your "absence," well, we miss you writing, but we know how busy life can get, and yours sounds overwhelming right now! Take care of yourself. We will be here when you have time to write! C

  3. We had an aunt just like that lady. She was one of my father's older sisters and unmarried. You have my sympathy.

    Now take your time, we will still be here when you are ready.

  4. I recognize this very well, sometimes our "real" lives just need attention.
    Congratulations on the well deserved POTW nomination at Hilary's.;)

  5. I'm glad you had a good time at the wedding. I've not been around also, what with sickness etc. but it's slowly starting to look up. I must go read about aunty, sounds fascinating! xx

  6. Hahaha! that's okay!! As they say, life just gets in the way sometimes!!

  7. I hear you!! My reader is massive and as my kids come first, it's always a massive catch up for me! Don't worry about it xx

  8. The nerve.. having a real life to tend to! ;)

    Don't worry about bloggie stuff. We've all been there at least for short periods.. some for longer. Not to worry. :)

  9. Good luck and thank you for letting us know what's going on. We'll still be here when things settle down. :)

  10. OH NO! Bon courage, GG

  11. Oh dear, you certainly have got your hands full by the sounds of it! Entertaining a house full can be exhausting, can't it? Hopefully things will settle back into a routine again soon, we all need a little "me" time to retain our sanity, yours is well overdue..

  12. Rest and relax! R & R is good for a person... :)))

  13. take your time...seasons come and go...thank you though for thinking of us. hope your day is filled with blessings!

  14. Hi, Gaelikaa!
    Thank you for visiting!!! I love making new friends!!! And your blog is terrific! And it sounds like we have much in common...I have a special place in my heart for Ireland...and lived in GB for a number of years...and you are Irish and an expat. as well!!! I love your blog here!!! I'll have to check out your other one too! So wonderful to "meet" you!! Will look forward to visiting you again! ~Janine XO

  15. Understood and accepted.

  16. No apology is ever required for living life to the fullest my dear! Rest up...we will be here:)

  17. I hear ya on the recovery time after a wedding!

  18. We'll be here when things settle down. Sounds like your weeks have been quite an adventure. Good luck with the relatives.

  19. I am actually grateful to read this because I think I have been having the same sort of last few weeks. Busy, busy, busy, and really regretting getting behind on the all the blogs I enjoy reading.

  20. Oh wow! Is your basket loaded! I feel for you after going back to read about your Aunt! Just know I'm thinking about you and look forward to your post tomorrow!

  21. Gaelikaa,my dear,I must send up a prayer for you espl since that aunt is back!Weddings here are always busy,busy.On thanksgiving day,I'm grateful that I live faraway from my in-laws.hehe!
    Take your time,we'll be here.

  22. Gaelikaa, my thoughts are with you.

    Not to put too fine a point on your older blog post: Aunt Urmela is lucky not to be a relation of mine, creaky bones or not. Every family needs a cranky old frame in their midst to keep the fall-out of their own future old age in perspective - but not for months on end. Where on earth do you take the patience from?

    You could, of course, drizzle something mildly soporific into the daily broth to give you some breathing space; failing that I find screaming silently into a cushion or kicking the cat most therapeutic.



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