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A Strange Visitor in the Classroom!

My Mel had an amazing experience in school yesterday. There was a visitor to the school from outside. No, it wasn't a guest speaker. It was a monkey, in fact, several of them!

The monkeys seem to have entered the room while the girls were sitting at their desks. Once their presence was noticed, the girls ran screaming from the room. It is not that a monkey is anything to be scared of, but you see, a bite from a monkey can be a little dangerous. If the monkey is rabid that is. Now, I haven't heard of anyone in our city dying of rabies from a monkey bite, but still.....

Do you know what the monkeys did? They opened up several schoolbags and took out the lunchboxes! And had a feed! The cheek of them all the same. Did you ever the like of it in all your life? How clever they are!

The girls re-entered the classroom only when the 'visitors' had left! Presumeably, having eaten their fill!

I made sure Mel told the whole story to her grandparents when she reached home from school. How they laughed! And a good laugh always brightens up the day. And it's not every day one gets such distinguished visitors! Indeed! In north India, the common breed of monkeys here are supposed to be the representatives of Lord Hanuman, a great heroic warrior God of Hinduism. In fact, many people feed the monkeys as a holy duty on Tuesday, the day sacred to Lord Hanuman. And some do it on Saturday as well.

But on the other days, the monkeys have to shift for themselves. Which is presumeably what they were doing yesterday. In Mel's classroom!


  1. Gaelikaa,this is FUNNY!OOOhh!hahaha!Iget them here at home.One was attracted to the bunch of banana's on my dinner wagon.I always feed them.They are so smart & I think they have beautiful eyes.Enjoy your day.
    Poor mel,hope she had something to eat inspite of this.

  2. Very funny story....a shame the girls lost their lunches though. Monkeys are very clever aren't they?

  3. Very interesting story. But some monkey are ferocious and probably prudent to keep safe distance.
    The hanumans are a bit bigger variety and very strong too. we cannot blame them altogether as they have lost their natural habitat because of us and we also have been spoiling their habit by feeding them!

  4. Oh my gosh! That's something they'll never forget!

  5. We never had interesting visitors like that at school. I would gladly give my lunch to them.

  6. Was this a spontaneous monkey visit or had a teacher planned it? :)))

    As for 1984, just a chapter from my book. I've never read George Orwell, come to think of it!

  7. There is nothing like learning monkey business from those who are born into the profession!

  8. A story about how clever monkeys are is often told thus. There is a bunch of bananas in a room which is sealed off from the outside world except for a barred window. A female monkey tries her level best to enter through the bars to access the bananas without success. She then disappears only to reappear with her baby monkey which easily slips inside through the bars. The punch line is that the baby monkey is smarter than the mothe monkey. It starts eating the bananas and will not part with any to the mother!

  9. Fantastic. I just had my students read an essay by a Burmese man who was told by a monk that if he fed a monkey every year on his birthday, he and his family would be prosperous. Well, this was easy enough in Burma/Myanmar where the monkeys were like crows or pigeons, but then his family moved to the U.S. Decades later, he still finds a way to feed a monkey every year, and it's always quite an adventure.

  10. Hilarious!
    Mel told me about it!
    We had a crow in our class once!!! Funny story, but he didn't take our lunch! The girls screamed all the same!! lol


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