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Unexpected Developments

The kids are on holidays! Again! On Monday the boys came home from school and announced that they had holidays on Tuesday and Wednesday as the teachers were doing some training course. So the girls went to their convent as usual and the boys stayed home. And on Wednesday afternoon the girls came home and announced that Thursday was a public holiday, the Vishwakarma Puja. Vishwakarma is the Hindu god of workers. I suppose it was a sort of Labour holiday. Yash, my husband, was off too. We're having lovely family times at home these days. Time to myself on the computer is a rare luxury now. Even if I grab it for half an hour, Mel wants to play Farmville or her father wants to check his email. And Friday was the start of a holiday weekend! Until Tuesday!

Sad news in the family. My husband's aunt has died. This aunt was someone we met rarely but I vividly remember her. When our first child Neil was six months old, Yash participated in a refresher course in Delhi. I accompanied him along with the baby (well, a change of scenery is always appreciable when you live with in-laws!!!). It turned out that his aunt's house was about half a mile away. We went there several times and had dinner. She was really nice. Aunty Vimla (Vimla Chachi in Hindi!). She was the widow of my father-in-law's late brother, who passed away in 1990. I spoke hardly any Hindi and she didn't know English but she warmly welcomed me. As she was Yash's uncle's wife, as per the tradition, she was also my mother-in-law (chachi saas). God bless her, may her soul rest in peace.

There is a puja (prayer service) to honour her memory at her son's house in Delhi on Sunday and my father-in-law is obliged to attend. As Papaji is not keeping well these days and is advancing in age and frailty, Yash is obliged to attend in his stead, being the eldest son at home. So he is out at the railway station right now, getting his return ticket to Delhi and back confirmed. There was a time when Yash would have jumped on a train to Delhi and got there somehow, but he wants a berth on the train. The journey will be overnight both ways, and he wants to have a comfortable sleep on the way. He's perfectly right about that. But how he's changed. Ten years ago, he wouldn't have cared. But none of us are getting any younger. Things change as you get older, don't they? You priorities, attitudes, everything!


  1. Sorry to hear of the death of your husband's sincere condolences. I can understand Yash wanting to travel in comfort. As you say we are all getting older and not quite so keen on "roughing it". ı can remember the days of camping and sleeping in run-down B & B's...I wouldn't dream of doing it now.

  2. Lucky you. My condolences on the bereavement. You describe relationships so well that I am planning on asking some of my acquaintances to take lessons from your blog!

    The Gomti Express to and from Lucknow to Delhi. I am getting all nostalgic!

    I was on it when it was stopped and bandits looted it way back in the eighties. They took one look at my colleague and me with our Sales bags between us and discussing some business matters and said"Agents!" Nothing from these broke fellows, and proceeded to rob the other passengers!

  3. My condolences to you all...

    As for aging, oh goodness! I so remember doing here and there, never feeling a thing. now... :))) It's so different. I hope Yash has a good trip.

  4. My husband's the same...he can fly to Delhi but prefers the train, first class sleeper.

    What's Yash short for, gaelikaa? I can make guesses :)

  5. My condolences to you and your family Gaelikaa. I totally agree with Yash on the travel front, my roughing it days are long past, comfort all the way nowadays.

    I have an award for you on my blog BTW.

  6. dear gaelikaa, i'm happy to meet you and would like to thank you for stopping by love lives in the kitchen. i find your adventure so amazing. i'm sorry about the aunt...
    take care and hope to hear from you soon..

  7. I am sorry about the loss. I hope your husband's journey is pleasant for him and that he has a meaningful time with family.

    I hope the holidays are good for your kids.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    (Years ago I lived in Ireland....How I loved it there!)

  8. May God bless your chaachi saas's soul!! I just dropped in to say hi!! Its been a long time sice I commented on your blog!! So I was kinda misssing u!! ;)
    Happy Eid though!

  9. My condolences to you and your family.
    Nice story you have written


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