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Katora Cut

When we were kids, my sisters and I used to laugh ourselves silly at people who sported what we called 'bowl haircuts'. You know what I mean. The type of haircut which looks as if the hairdresser put a bowl over their head and cut around it. It leaves you with a bowl-shaped helmet of hair.

When my kids get their hair cut. Yash brings them to the roadside barbers for basic treatment like their father gets, and his father before him. Yeah, Yash gets his hair cut there too. It's really cheap. Five rupees a head. Literally. Oh, yes, simple living and high thinking, that's the best thing! Why go to one of those fancy hair salons where you'll be charged two hundred rupees each? When all the kids can have their hair cut for twenty rupees. But not on Saturdays. My father in law will not allow anyone in our house to get their hair cut on Saturdays. Something to do with the planet Saturn, if you please!

Well, my daughters Mel and Trish wouldn't be caught dead at the roadside barbers. So we girls are all growing waist length hair. Well, I cheated and went to a salon recently. It cost me the princely sum of two hundred and fifty rupees. Ladies don't go to the roadside barber anyway. I waited patiently for Yash to notice the difference in my appearance. I'm still waiting.

Neil and Nitin went to the barbers last week with their father. I was amazed when I saw Nitin's hair. It looked suspiciously like 'the bowl'. "Are you SURE the barber didn't use a bowl?' I asked Yash. "Positive! I was there the whole time!" he replied. Well I know Yash is truthful to a fault. In a couple of day Nitin's appearance became normal again. Which reminds me of an old joke: "Q: What's the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircult? A: Two weeks!"

Meanwhile, as I go through life, I pick up on a lot of the things I hear and one of those things to which I've heard reference in the last couple of days is something called the 'katora cut'! That caught my attention in a flash. Katora! That's the Hindi word for bowl! So the concept of the 'bowl haircut' is here too! I can't for the life of me remember where I've heard this reference to the 'katora cut', maybe some comedy show was going on as I was passing the television. (I seldom watch television - paucity of time, you know?).

So I can rest assured, safe in the knowledge, that wherever one lives in the world, concepts, ideas and aspirations are basically the same. Well, whether it's called the 'bowl haircut' or the 'katora cut', it still makes me laugh.


  1. Some things are happening the world over,
    again and again! ;-) I once sort of cut my son's hair, by sheer accident he then sported a bowl-shaped cut.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

  2. Gaelikaa,I am glad you had a hair cut,you must love Yash alot to try to fit in to the mould his parents set.You deserve to be pampered every once in work hard for it.Have a nice week.

  3. Katora cut! First time I have heard that. Very apt. In Tamil there is a style called Chathura vattai. Square Cut. I suppose it means the same. Ranjan, my son, religiously gets his hair cut every alternate week and keeps like a Marine. Close to his skull. I have no choice. There is hardly any to cut anyway!

  4. Yikes! the bowl cut! i remember those and not fondly. Were you able to find The Weight of Glory book? If not were doing a book a month and it will range from classics to modern of every genre. Hopefully you can find another months.

  5. The bowl cut...a worldwide phenomenon.

    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  6. The bowl cut is right up there with the mullet! I keep my hair long, it's too much trouble going to get it styled every 6 weeks.

  7. thanks for visiting my blog! i like yours as well. i look forward to reading it.

  8. Lol!

    One time when I was a teenager I cut the little neighbor kid's hair as a bowl cut, literally with the bowl and everything. The kid's dad wasn't happy...oops!

  9. 250 rupees is only 3 euros 50! That seems pretty good "value" as well!! [oooooo, how much does a day at the salon cost?? that must be pretty good value as well!]

    I developed hair cutting skills as my husband hates to go to the barber and pay 20 euro to have his thinning hair cut... I will have to tell him I am less expensive than the roadside barbers in India.

  10. i survived a few katora cuts in my younger thanks for dropping by yesterday.

  11. Loong looong ago, as kids, me and my cousin cut our own hair on a saturday morning. This we did to save a few pennies for our cricket match on sunday, the next day. But unfortunately we both end up at a hairstylist who charged 3 times the normal charge:( (i.e. the money we should have used for the next four matches) to rectify that mess we made to ourselves:) have a lovely blog and great write-ups......

  12. hahahah, I know that cut, in bengali we call it the bati(bowl)chaat(cut), i think the mushroom cut is an evolution of that cut too!!

  13. My baby girl is sporting a mullet right now! Just as bad as a bowl cut! x

  14. When Elly was small I cut her hair regularly. Now she claims I gave her a bowl cut! I was framing her fine featured face.

    Nowadays I get my haircut every 5-6 weeks at the cost of £25. If I leave it any longer my eyelids become red & scaly and I develop a headache!


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