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Danger - Meme Ahead!

I have been tagged for a meme by my fellow blogger Ramanaji from Pune here in India. He has a very nice blog called Rummuser. Check it out, it's worth a read. And the meme is probably one of the easiest I've ever received.

All you have to do is pick up the book nearest to you. Open it on page 161. Done that? Great. Then you copy the fifth sentence. Well, what is the nearest book to me right now? Let me check! Yes! "Three Men In A Boat" by Jerome K Jerome. What am I doing with this book? I bought it for my son. Why? An excerpt from this book was featured in his 7th Class English Reader. He found the book too heavy however. In fact, a dumbed down version of the very same book was on his booklist for Class 8. So he has left the book to me. It seems to be a piece of comic writing by a Victorian hypochondriac and it is funny. I actually started reading it in June but got somewhat distracted by all the comings and goings. So I'm starting it again from scratch. But I digress......

Page 161? Got it. Now for the 5th sentence. Ready? Here we go!

"We had intended to push on for Wallingford that day, but the sweet, smiling face of the river here lured us to linger for a while; and so we left our boat at the bridge, and went up into Streatley, and lunched at the 'Bull'; much to Montmorency's satisfaction."

Gosh, that's a long sentence, isn't it? Full of alliteration too. I can see why it was a bit heavy for my son. I mean, that sentence is a paragraph in itself.

And now to the business of passing on the meme. Naturally, as I cannot make a move without my beloved MelRoXx, she's first for the tag. I don't wish to burden my esteemed blogging friends unnecessarily, but I feel this little meme is not too much, so I am easing my pangs of conscience and passing it on to dear Ayak, my kindred spirit and counterpart in Turkey (who blogs at Turkish Delight). I don't think my friend Anna from Non-Fiction-Chronicles of a Fiction Filled Life will mind being tagged. And even if she has no time to do it, she'll do it when she has time. My friend Protege of Life Through Reflections is always gracious and a very good sport about these things so I am passing it on to her too. She is a speaker of several languages and writes English beautifully although living in a non-English speaking country. She lived in the USA for several years. A real world citizen. The last person to which I will pass this on to is the wonderful Jazzy from 'My Window on the World'. She's from Northern Ireland so as far as I'm concerned she qualifies as an Irish blogger. She's been far too busy with the "Farmville" game on Facebook and she's been neglecting blogging lately. So strong measures need to be taken!

So friends, I'm trusting all of you with my tag; I am sure all of you are equal to the challenge. Best of luck to all of you, and I look forward to reading your posts.


  1. I can remember my parents having that book. I never did read it but saw the film.
    I did this meme some time back!
    I remember choosing David McMahon's book Vegemite Vindaloo. Good read too.

  2. Thank you.

    Three men in a boat was a much read book in my youth with all four siblings having read it many times over. There was nothing else to do!

    Shall visit all the five links in your post and see what they are up to.

  3. Oh I haven't been tagged or attempted a meme before thank goodness this is an easy one. I'll post it on my blog.

  4. Oh this is GREAT! After the morning writing, consider this tag sorted. :)))

    And yes, I DO love my American footie. A small obsession, this time of year. (Thank goodness it only lasts through January!)

  5. Thanks Gaelikaa, your post really cheered me up today and I will indeed post it on my blog later today and pass it on. You are right, I spend far too much time on Facebook :) and neglect my blog. I will do something about that, I promise.

  6. Ah, finaly I have made my way to you, dear friend.;)) This is a great tag and I accept the challenge!;)) I will post this sometimes next week.;) Thank you also for those beautiful words, they mean so much.;))

  7. What a fascinating meme, I've never come across this one before. Thanks for making me smile.

  8. How nice to be tagged I will have to check out this great link. He sure sounds interesting!

  9. hey that was a great tag!! and the three men is a boat is a great book as well.

  10. Well, I've got A Tale of Two Cities, of all things, next to me: "What is it brother?" Phew. Dickens. It could have been ten lines long.

  11. Im so sorry about your husbands aunt..Im praying for your family...hugs


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