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Overdue Award Post!......

I've been Awarded The 'Fabulous Blog Award' by Melanie Trevelyan at Tales from a writer with three childen as well as SuE at Cosmic Chiq.
The rules are:
a) write 5 things you are addicted to. (Perhaps, my daughter can help me out in this - you ready, Mel?)
b) pass it on to 5 deserving bloggers.
Five Things my Mom gaelikaa is addicted to - by Mel!
1. Tea: She can't live without tea... her soulmate...
2. Books: She reads, but she doesn't get enough time to do so...
3. Music: She has an mp3 player and downloads Abba and Bee Gees songs off the internet, or rather, she gets me to do it!
4. Shopping: She doesn't admit it but she is a great shopper!
5. Blog: Mom constantly sits on the computer (when I'm not on it, that is) Of course she does everything else too, like... but STILL!
I wish to pass it on to-

I was Awarded this by SuE too!
The assignment is-
a)Write a few lines on how happy you are.
b) Pass it on to as many bloggers you can think of:
How happy I am: I believe that we should always try to be happy and trust in God no matter what is happening. I have seen situations which have been completely turned around by a positive 'can do' attitude. Happiness is a state of mind and an actual decision too.

Emily at Brits in Bosnia has been generous enough to Award me with the 'MeMeMeMe Award'!

I have to write seven things about myself: I've been writing so many things about myself lately that I don't think that there is anything left!
1. I love to read. I could do it forever. My favourite book was 'A Suitable Boy' by Vikram Seth. Now that's a book you can really get your teeth into. I recommend it to everyone.
2. I love to write. My two blogs are evidence enough of that. I was published fifteen years ago in 'U Magazine' in Ireland under the name under the name of 'Mary Perry' which is a slightly altered version of my real name.
3. It is my ambition to study English up to doctorate level (it's not too late!) and to write some novels. I have plots in my head which are going mad to get out.
4. My most favourite holiday spot in the whole world is Crete in Greece. I visited there twice over twenty years back. I still long to go there.
5. I once worked in a call centre, taking calls from people experiencing crisis. I learnt a lot in those days...
6. I love Italian food! Haven't had a good lasagne in years!
7. I desperately need a holiday!
I kow I have been Awarded for 'Gaelikaa: Out of Ireland, into India' they still are, but I thought I do the award posts on this instead, since this is a part of gaelikaa


  1. Thank you so much for the award. I am deeply honoured and have much pleasure in accepting.

    Love and hugs (( ))

  2. ta love! and what a beautiful new blog... I will return... :)))

  3. I hope you will write more because you have a lovely voice as a writer.

  4. Well, you know what???
    I love to read and write as well! And yeah even my head is boiling with plots, desperate to come out!!!! I hope God gives me a chance to do that!!!

    Thanks a lot for your advice!!! I am sooo happy that you stop by! And yeah I do pray a lot for God to assist me through everything!!!

    Love your blog and trust me I sooooo wanna go on a holiday in Greece!

  5. THANK YOU! I love my award and feel very honored to have you as a friend.

  6. Aloha Dear sister..
    Thank you stopping by and for your prayers, I will keep you updated on results. I remember when we were stationed in Germany and we were waiting to get housing on an American Base. In the meantime we had to live in a German town and the German bus drivers did not wait lol. If no one was there they would leave.

    Hugz Lorie

  7. school mornings are very stressful! Ours are on holiday right now for the summer. Do you get long holidays out there in India or is it a different system?

  8. Wow!! That sounds crazy busy!! I hope tomorrow is a little less rushed for you. :)

  9. Oh I'm so behind!! Have starred this in my reader and will come back to it! Thank you for my award! xxx

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