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What's All The Fuss About?

Recently, I was watching Ireland's Late Late Show hosted by Ryan Tubridy. This talk show has been running for over 50 years now. Every aspect of Irish life eventually gets discussed here at some stage. There was a music group featured called 'Irish Women in Harmony'. It was recorded during lockdown by a number of Irish women singers, who put their voices together to create a song for release in aid of domestic violence victims. The song is called 'Dreams' and was originally recorded by an Irish music group, the Cranberries. The line-up of singers includes the wonderful Moya Brennan, a traditional Irish singer, always a favourite singer of mine. She's from my time, that is to say that her career was already in progress when I still lived in Ireland. At the younger end of the spectrum there are singers like the talented singer/songwriter Una Healy and another young singer called Erica Cody, with whose work I'm not yet familiar.
"Dreams" & Reality
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Why My Blog is Called gaelikaa's diary

I began blogging around 2007. My kids were aged between 4 and 12 (they're now between 17 and 24). I was swamped with caring for the children and trying to manage a marriage that was pressurised by a long commute. My husband travelled to the next city every day. I also had a lot of pressure from the in-laws. They had full control of the household. They watched everyone closely.That was difficult for me. The youngest had started school and once a week, I used to visit a friend of mine who lived in the city centre. I always arrived home before the kids came in from school, but my in-laws didn't like that. In their eyes, a good woman stays at home and has no desire to step outside. There was a lack of privacy and personal space which was suffocating. I'm not saying they were intentionally being mean. Because they were from another culture, they were probably caring for me the only way they knew how. But it wasn't easy to adjust with this. As I'd always loved writing, i…

The Sky is the Limit?

The post title has been turned into a question. I'm back to group blogging, with a group that's like a reformed Loose Blogging Consortium. The LBC is a group with which I blogged for years. I'm glad some of us are still ready to blog and share thoughts on common topics of interest. So here's my take on 'The Sky is the Limit', suggested by group member Sanjana.

Many of us are limited by our circumstances. Or rather, many of us think we are limited by our circumstances. Sometimes we are right and sometimes we are not. It all depends. It depends mostly on ourselves if we're honest. We programme ourselves with the idea that 'I can never do that', or 'I can never go there'. In fact, many of us, are our own worst enemies. Whenever I think something is impossible, I find myself thinking of the bumblebee. According to the laws of aerodynamics, it shouldn't be able to fly. Yet he does. It seems that no-one has come straight out and told it that it…

Kipling Got it Wrong! Or Eastern and Western Culture - Reflections

What Is Culture?
I’m opening this blog post with a question. What is that elusive concept which is commonly known as ‘culture? Culture is way of life. How we live. What our values are.  Our customs, attitudes and perceptions. And also, I suppose, how we express ourselves in art through, such as music, dance, theatre and cinema.  It’s quite a comprehensive area and not too easy to define, really.

The Journey
I was born in what is commonly known as ‘the west’. I lived in Ireland for the first thirty years of my life. When I was thirty, I married my husband and came out to India to live here with him. That was the beginning of an interesting journey, which is still evolving. I must have had some east/west comparison stereotypes in my head. But in India, I found that the people I met had huge stereotypes in their heads about what they called ‘western culture’ and ‘western way of life’. Not long after I arrived in India, I was struck by the number of people who said things to me like ‘in the …


What is 'Peace’?
Peace. Pax. Shalom. Salaam. Shanti. It’s a popular word in so many languages. And a popular concept too. But is it really as popular as we think it is? I remember reading once that there are about 100 given wars going on anywhere in the world on any given day. Apart, of course,  from the obvious great wars of the last century. Cold wars. Hot wars. Proxy wars. Everyone says they want peace, yet wars persist. Why is this?

Why is peace difficult to obtain?
Because for reasons best known to certain countries and individuals, peace is not acceptable at any price. Yes, everyone wants peace. But they want it on their own terms. Our terms may not be acceptable to others. That is the crux of the problem. Are our terms acceptable to others? If not, why? And are others’ terms acceptable to us? Maybe not. How do we get everyone on the same page, wanting the same things? It’s not at all easy. Ask any negotiator.
Striking a balance
As societies grow, change and evolve, conflict eme…

Five Ways Social Media Has Changed Our Lives

Has social media changed the way we live? You bet it has! I’ve been in India for 22 years and have visited home in Ireland maybe half-a-dozen times. The biggest challenge about this, for me, has always been coping with the difficulty of making contact with old friends and family. However, that’s all over now, thanks to Facebook. I check my phone every morning and read that uncle Ned in Dublin is furious over the biased referee in the boxing match or that my cousin Paula in Dublin went to see Take That in concert (or whoever!). I speak to my cousin Veronica in Scotland every few days thanks to WhatsApp. We haven’t spoken this frequently since we wrote to each other as kids. Social media has definitely changed our lives forever. I can think of at least five ways that social in which it has affected life as we know it.

Social media makes the world more accessible to us. This is a fact. The world is at your fingertips. Find out which of your friends and family are on Facebook and once you …