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Use Your Imagination!

If there's one thing for which I remember some of my teachers at school in Ireland, it's their sarcasm. The type which brands itself on the mind of an unfortunate youngster, who may, in certain cases, never recover from the shame and embarrassment. One may be branded for life as a result and I'm NOT joking. If any of my readers is interested in studying further on this topic, I suggest checking out the following link to a video entitled 'D'Teacher' ('The Teacher') by the satiric comedy outfit 'D'Unbelievables'. This explores the Irish teacher in further detail. But be warned. The thick Irish accent may be difficult foreign ears to understand. However, if you persist and listen a couple of times, all will become clear.

"Maria Perry! Will you kindly repeat what I just said?" is a sentence which intruded on my daydreams many a time, as I gazed out the window during classes at school (Usually maths classes, if I'm truthful. Or any kind of science, be it biology, chemistry or physics). Subjects which didn't interest me left my mind wandering. Then my imagination would take over. "Ah, she's away with the fairies! Or maybe gone off down the road with those people she was watching from the window." As the sarcasm persisted, I would literally burn with shame. My schooling didn't consist of traumatic beatings and brutality, but there was a high degree of shame and embarrassment at times, along with the related trauma. Having said that, I was blessed with some excellent science and maths teachers. Thank heavens not all teachers were like that.

Ironically enough, when it came to the English or Irish language classes and essays figured in the homework, there was a regular piece of advice. 'Use your imagination'. I suppose if there was one thing I learned in school, it was that everything is good when the time is good. In other words, imagination, in the right context, is an excellent thing. Bad when you have to be practical and good when you need to be impractical. Like writing stories and articles for example. Except in writing, you have to be practical when it comes to getting facts right, especially for articles and of course for making stories credible. 

Imagination plus practicality is an awesome combination, particularly when used in an appropriate manner.

I have recently resumed blogging with the Loose Bloggers Consortium, a group of bloggers who post on the same topic/prompt every Friday. I'm an old member of this friendly group and delighted to be back. The current blogging members of this group are: Ramana, Chuck and Pravin. Thanks to Ramana for the topic/prompt 'imagination'.

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  1. Welcome back to the LBC world.

    I know fully well how well you use your imagination.

    A good way to start off.

  2. Being the smart ass I have always been, I would have told the offdending teachrs to get stuffed. I did that several times. But since I got good grades there were very few ill effects. Lucky for me - LOL.

  3. @Rummuser - sorry for being so slow to reply to your thoughtful comment. It is always good to have your imagination handy. It's very useful for solving problems. Sad that the education system, while supposedly promoting creativity, has often stifled imagination. It reminds me of the old Harry Chapin song about flowers being red. I was quite lazy in my school days, though. I only enjoyed subjects I could be bothered about. I feel sorry for the teachers who taught me in a lot of cases.

  4. @Chuck McConvey. I'd love to know if you'd been a match for the teacher in the video I linked to in the post. That teacher is a kind of caricature of the Irish teacher of nightmares. If you could get past the accent, I'd love to know what you think.....


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