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Beauty - Loose Bloggers Consortium Topic of the Week

It's Friday again and time for another Loose Bloggers Consortium topic.  This week's topic BEAUTY was suggested by our former member Delirious, for which I thank her. It's good to know what you have to write about. And thanks to the rest of the group (links in sidebar) for providing a blogging anchor for me, for being there and giving me a reason to come back here every week and keeping me connected to my blogging roots, rather than just writing novels, doing Facebook posts and book blogging.

A Sonnet on Vanishing Beauty

That beauty's in the eye of the beholder
Is something that I have very often heard 
At fifty, now I'm actually getting older
I'm looking at that saying with some dread
It's true I was not over proud in youth
Of my looks.  'I'm quite ordinary,' I'd say
But now I slowly come to face the truth
I wasn't that bad looking in my day
I'm not one of those extraordinary people
Who proudly flaunt their wrinkles and grey hair 
I thank the Lord for dye and moisturisers
My battle against ageing I'll declare
Apart from that, I'll give it ne'er a thought
Obsessing over looks I'll not be fraught

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  1. Oh I wrestle with these issues. . .

    " There is nothing like
    returning to a place
    that remains unchanged
    to find the ways
    in which you
    have altered. "

    Nelson Mandela

    ALOHA to YOU
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  2. Thanks Cloudia, and namaste to you from India.

  3. Hi Alelamalu

    Lovely to see you over here again.

  4. Obsessing over looks I'll not be fraught … great line. Go Maria!
    blessings ~ maxi

  5. I don't flaunt my wrinkles and grey hair, I accept them as part of me.

    I have seen people who tried to deny their age by dying their hair, alas, the result made them look much older and turned their tresses to straw.

  6. I have the cure for wrinkles - a few extra Xs in front of the L on my frame. Of course who knows what other destructive issues those extra pounds are causing. Sigh. It's a no-win situation/

  7. @Grannymar - Of course it's good to accept yourself as you are. But you're a dignified type of grey and you haven't greyed early as I have. I'd by completely white if I didn't dye. When I shift to Ireland, I plan to go blonde!

    I'm not ready to be elderly just yet. I'll give myself a few more years.

  8. Hi Shackman,

    It's my love of fried food and the richness of north Indian cuisine that has played hell with my figure.

  9. I'm with you....I am who I am, and if people don't like it, they don't have to look. lol


  11. Very nicely said. At 58 I'm lucky enough to have no significant grey yet ... oh but there are wrinkles.

    So nice to see you drop by my blog recently. I'd lost touch.. it has been a while. Thanks for the visit.

  12. Hi Delirious,

    We have to be happy whatever way we are.

  13. Hi Hilary,

    How lovely to see you again over here. Great to connect again.

  14. @Rummuser -

  15. I was wondering why call vanishing beauty. If Obsessing over looks you'll not be fraught .. I feel your beauty is growing :)

  16. What a lovely comment Shivani. Thank you so much...


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