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Blogging The MOOC - The Future of Storytelling With Iversity - Part IV

Continuing to blog on the Massive Open Online Coure - my notes and impressions.


LECTURERS:  Christina M. Schollerer MA, Julien Van Dieken, Director of the MOOC The Future of Storytelling

WITH INPUTS FROM:  Robert Pratten, Prof. Dr. Jan Distelmeyer, Michael Straeubig, Mark Wachholz, Maria Grau Stenzel, Prof. Dr. Hans-Christoph Hobohm

UNIT 1 - Introduction

Units don't have to be 'done', just shared, enjoyed, discussed.  It's a type of tea break.

UNIT 2 - Shared by Robert Pratten, Transmedia Storyteller.
Recommends THE ANATOMY OF STORY by John Truby
The Art of Game Design by Jesse Schnell, BUILDING IMAGINARY WORDS by Mark JP Wolf
PERVASIVE GAMES by Markus Montola., CONTENT TO COMMERCE (marketing) by Avi Sarvar, STORY WARS by Jonah Sachs, SPREADABLE MEDIA by Harry Jenkins,  SHUFFLE by Raydel, LIFE AFTER LIFE by Kate Atkinson, INVENTING THE MEDIUM by Janet Murray.

UNIT 3 - Shared by Prof. Dr. Jan Distelmeyer, History and Theory of Technical Media, University of Applied Sciences at Potsdam.  Recommends THE CLASSICAL HOLLYWOOD CINEMA, WHAT CINEMA IS, THE MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA by Dziga Vertov, LANGUAGE OF NEW MEDIA by Lev Manovich.

UNIT 4 -Shared by Michael Straeubig (Lecturer/Game Designer)
Recommends RULES OF PLAY, by Zimmerman and Salen, Neuromancer by William Gibson, Movie THE GAME with Michael and Sean Penn

UNIT 5 - Shared by Mark Waccholz, author and screenwriter
Illuminating Shadows - The Mythic Power of Film by Geoffrey Hill
The Storytelling Animal - by Jonathan Gotschall
DRAMATICA - A New Theory of Stories by Melanie Anne Phillips and Chris Huntley

UNIT 6 - Shared by Maria Grau Stenzel
The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
Linked -
The producers guide to transmedia -

UNIT 7 - Shared by Prof. Hans-Christoph Hobohm
Various French and German publications.
Orality and Literacy - The Technologizing of the Word - Walter J. Ong
The Social Life of Information - John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid
Hobohm's Wiki



Make a video of yourself, introducing yourself to everyone and saying what inspires you.

Gosh, I'm very shy, not sure if I can do this.  I shared my photo with my blog links and discussed what inspires me and shared some book titles.


  1. I'm not dshy but I wouldn't fancy videoing myslf and showing it to people. I'd much rather speak to them directly.

  2. Yes, I just went with a written piece.


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