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The Power of Music

Music can change my mood. Possibly because I know that I am governed by my ears, that is, what I hear.  You can basically say what you like to me, but use words I dislike or (shudder) the wrong tone of voice and you will lose me.  Perhaps forever.  Before I realized my true psychological make up, life could be hell.  A well meant piece of advice could reduce me to tears, particularly in my early youth.  I lost more than one friend through tragic (at the time!) misunderstanding.  My husband, like many Indians, has a blunt manner of speaking which can freak me out at times.  I remember a rare, longed for letter arrived during our long courtship during one of the longer separations and it read something like this:

Dear Maria,

Thank you for the letter and photograph which you sent me.  It was nice.  The only problem was you look a bit plump but otherwise you look fine.  Especially in that dress.....

I'm not sure how the letter didn't end up in the dustbin and our romance with it.  Maybe it was because he said my dress was nice.  Otherwise, we were definitely on the way out.......

But music?  Ah, yes, I was coming to that.  I was reading a book recently called 'The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.  It's one of those book which teaches you how to attract the positive forces of the universe to bring you all the joy and cash your heart desires.  So I'm reading this and I'm thinking, 'yeah, I can do this.'  But then it cautions that the human mind thinks thousands of thoughts per day.  How can you control the thoughts.  Simple!  By using mood lifters.  That means things that lift our moods.  In my case it would probably mean eating lots of chocolate and drinking lots of wine, but I'll end up getting even more plump than ever, which I don't really want so......the other simple solution is music.

Because I could be feeling really bad.  Then I hear a song I like and like magic, the mood just lifts. Especially when I hear songs from the early sixties and seventies.

When I turn on Youtube, I often play Irish music.  Seventies Irish rock music.  My favourite track has to be Dearg Doom by the Horslips.  They were a group who looked like a bunch of Celtic warriors.  Nowadays they look like a bunch of retired politicians but that's not the point really.  'Dearg Doom' means red warrior and is a fusion of rock and Irish music.  The red warrior was Cuchulainn, an Irish mythological hero.

I love the music of Clannad, too. They play traditional Irish fused with modern popular music.  Then there's U2.  Years ago, some of the girls in my class used to go at the weekends to listen to this group, who were a group of boys who attended a Mount Temple, non-denominational school on Dublin's northside, where we lived.  They're now one  of the world's supergroups.  One of the members' cousins was in my sister's class.  It's hard to believe how far they've come.  I love lots of  their music.  It takes me right back.  But depending on mood, I love country and western (Patsy Clyne, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton), soul music (Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross).and some of those horribly misogynistic heavy metal bands like Whitesnake and Rainbow.  It just depends on mood really.  Then I could get really homesick and start listening to The Dubliners playing the Seven Drunken Nights.  My current favourite track to listen to right now is Summer Wine by The Corrs, featuring Bono from U2.  I also have days where I freak out on the Beatles, the Bee Gees and the Rolling Stones.  There was lots of punk and ska music around when I was at school, not to mention the unbelievable Kate Bush.  I like all that stuff too.

What's my favourite song of all time?  I'm not sure really.  But I think it could very well be Greensleeves.  I don't know who sings that.  I never did.  I also love 'I Want To Be Seduced' by Mary Coughlan.  She's Irish, btw.  I also like Indian singers now.  I love all the music from the recent Indan hit movie Ek Tha Tiger, the Cuban, the Turkish and the Irish songs.  Which are all in Hindi.My husband loves some Indian singers like RD Burman and Mukesh.  So I like them too.

The truth is, that with musical taste like mine, I'll never be bored.  Or sad!

This is my weekly post for my blogging group, the Loose Blogging Consortium. We post weekly (usually simultaneously) on a given topic and visit each other to see the different takes we have on the same topic.  We are, in alphabetical order, AnuDeliriousRummuserGrannymarMaxi, Magpie, Maria SFocdwriterPadmumPaul, The Old FossilShackman and Will. If you have time, please visit my friends too.  This topic (music) was given by Shackman.


  1. Greensleeves takes me way back to pre 1966. It was the one and only record the the mobile X-ray unit had in the van that stood each weekday at the side of Nelson's pillar. The record was played over and over between the calls to have a free chest X-ray. Those were the days when TB was very prevalent in Ireland. A popular vocal version was sung by The King Singers.

  2. Reflecting, listening, being in and around things that lift your mood changes your chemistry and your heart rhythms - a powerful stress undresser.

    So, to quote a song, "Take those records off the shelf . . . " and sing and dance along!

  3. I like the idea of using music to bring positivity. I feel like I've been lacking music since I came to China. I need to get a CD player.

  4. Nice post gaelikaa. In fact I did not know that you were into music or that you would be able to find time for it with your life style. I am glad that you do listen.

  5. @Grannymar

    That's a very interesting comment. Nelson's Pillar. I never knew the Spike existed until I was home. Back in the Seventies (or early eighties maybe) there was a serial on RTE and it had to be taken off the air when an episode featuring a naked model for an art class caused a viewer to have a heart attack and die. Ah, those were the days. How far we've come in Ireland now!

  6. @Marianna Paulson - yes, Auntie Stress, music is a powerful stress undresser. Thanks for the link.

  7. @Delirious- Even if you have your PC, you can listen to stuff on Youtube. It's terrific. I'm home in Ireland every day because of this.

  8. @Rummuser - Bhaiyaa, listening to music is one thing you can do while doing other things too.

    Thank you for saying my post was nice. I'm very happy..

  9. I can be transformed by music and words...... but I think music wins every time.
    Greensleeves goes right back to Henry 8th! (I read that).
    Lovely post.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  10. Nice post. There is really a song or a type of music to suit every mood. I love the idea of using music in a positive way as a mood lifter.

  11. We have a lot of musical taste in common. Good to hear of Mary Coughlan again.

    never mind the music.
    THAT LETTER! You can clearly see beyond the immediate.

  12. @ShellyMunro - it really works too!

    @Blackwatertown - I check Mary out on Youtube every so often. Her music brings a lot of memories.

    Yes, seeing beyond the immediate is a useful skill betimes


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