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I Blog, Therefore I Comment.

Welcome to the weekly post feature, originally hosted by Unknown Mami, where we blog about comments.  Could be comments we've made on blogs or even comments we've  made on blogs.  Commenting is very much a part of the give and take of blogging but some comments languish unsung in the comment boxes and Unknown Mami (She's anonymous, but I call her Amiga! Spanish for friend.  She's Mexican, you see!) picked  up on the fact a long time ago that some of the best things in the blogosphere happen in comment boxes.  Hence the feature.

Some of my regular readers might be aware that I'm a member of the Loose Blogging Consortium (LBC), an informal group of bloggers who post, or at least try to post simultaneously once a week on the same topic.  We're all very diverse people and writers and it is amazing the different takes we have on the same topic.  LBC friends, past and present are regular commenters here, as I am on their blogs.  Sometimes, very long discussions take place in the comment boxes after our Friday postings.  This often happens on Rummuser's blog, or Conrad's, or  Grannymar's.   Ashok and I are somewhat quieter members.  This week, our five present  LBC members will be joined by a new member, Delirious, so I look forward to welcoming her into our group.

In the LBC, I've encountered commenters somewhat unlike the ones I'd previously encountered.  Most blog commenters are bloggers themselves.  However Bikehikebabe, who comments regularly at Rummuser's and Grannymar's and sometimes here, is not a blogger.  Ursula originally began as a commenter without a blog and is now the owner of  Bitch on the Blog.  She had the tendency to appear at LBC blogs on Friday evenings and and make cutting comments which seemed to have been dipped in acid.  I didn't really mind as I found her comments quite thought provoking and they really made me think about what I was writing.  Unfortunately, though, Ursula went for the jugular with a few of the LBC members and ended up being branded as a flamer.  Some of the members even banned her from their blogs it seems.

I remember the post when Rummuser allowed me to adopt him as my brother.  It was a nice post, full of information about the Indian feast of Raksha Bandhan and the custom of Indian men adopting women as sisters.  Ursula commented like this:

Ramana, the brother lark is pure Freud (I stand with Jung): You fancy someone and because there are only so many you can bed without charging them for your services you adopt them as ‘brothers’(sic); which saves a lot of bother.

It may seem a little Victorian, but I was indignant about the slur on the reputation of Rummuser, not to mention myself. I had to calm myself down and remind myself that  Rummuser and I, although we  both live in India, live several states away from each other and haven't actually met.  So the question of  us having ulterior motives in the adoption formality doesn't arise. 

Ursula had no idea what a cultural minefield she'd just stepped into.   An Indian blogger, Anu, was also around and she took Ursula to task for casting slurs on the brother/sister relationship, which in India, is considered sacred.  Ursula couldn't have known this, of course.  There were quite a few indignant comments back and forth, some of which cut very deeply indeed.  Anu said:

We can never expect you to understand the sanctity of a sacred relationship like that of a brother-sister, but at least the comment policy should have kept you from posting a comment like that.

Personally, I do believe that she means no harm - some people love to stir others up and the LBC comment boxes wouldn't be QUITE so interesting if it wasn't for Ursula.  She's given us some fun-filled Friday nights. Last Friday night, she announced to Rummuser last Friday night that their engagement was off -  he hadn't even known it was on!  Apparently she'd taken exception to a comment he'd made in his LBC post on 'Obsessions'.

I wonder what she has in store for us this Friday night?

I Comment Therefore I Am is originally hosted by Unknown Mami and nowadays by me.  If anyone would like to post on comments alongside me, please get in touch so we can link up!

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