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I Comment Therefore I Am #3

I was over visiting Lisleman's blog A Few Clowns Short of a Circus recently,  he mentioned a rather ridiculous sounding job he'd come across - a fish sniffer.  He hadn't known it was a career option and till then, neither had I.  It made me rack my brains for a ridiculous sounding job I had heard about.  So I commented as follows:

I remember once asking a girl I knew what she did for a living. She told me she was a sausage linker. WTF, I thought. Apparently it was some class of a specialized skill. She was inordinately proud of this. I had trouble keeping a straight face. I suppose that's what happens when you lead a sheltered life....

If any fish sniffers or sausage linkers are reading this post right now, I offer my sincere apologies for laughing my head off at your job title.  I just couldn't help it, dammit.

I visited Rohini over at Mama Says So.   That's an Indian mummy blogger whose blog has a huge following.  Rohini is a working mother of two young children, a boy aged about six and a new baby girl.  She was posting on how her little son used to write on the walls years ago and has now blossomed into quite a good artist.  That post jogged an old memory for me and I found myself commenting:

About ten years back some relatives of ours who were based in Mumbai got their daughter engaged to a boy in our city, Lucknow. As my father-in-law was technically the girl's grandfather and as the boy's family were in no mood to bring a baraat to far-away Maharashtra, it fell to us to host the wedding from the girl's side. A few days before the proceedings were about to begin, my daughter Mel, who was going through the terrible twos, covered the drawing room wall with crayon sketches. My normally indulgent in-laws were horrified and got really angry. There was nothing for me to do but get a bucket of hot water and soap and a scrubbing brush and scrub those walls. Luckily, I was able to get rid of the mess and my father-in-law was very appreciative in the end, but I was careful to give her plenty of paper and a blackboard to write on after that!
Oh, yes and boy was I tired afterwards!  That comment was probably pretty well understood by Rohini, who is an Indian born and bred but some of my other readers might not relate.  Just to fill you in, the word 'baraat' refers to the wedding procession of the groom to the bride's house, to marry her and take her back.  My life is a crazy mixture of western and Indian happenings and ideas, as this comment will explain, what with being Irish and being married to an Indian and living in India.

One of my favourite bloggers is Blogaire of the wondrous blog Suil Eile.  This dedicated blogger takes photos of wherever he is, particularly Dublin, my home city and posts them on his blog.  I often tell him that thanks to his blog I get to visit my home city almost every day.

I was visiting his blog the other day and saw a photograph of a small cinema, the Screen Cinema in Dublin.  The remarkable feature of this cinema is that right outside there is a big stone statue of  'Mr Screen', a cinema usher.  Blogaire observed that Mr. Screen looks quite fierce so you wouldn't want to cross him but once he gives you the go ahead, the magic of the silver screen awaits.  This post awakened some long forgotten memories in me and I commented:

Oh, you' ve brought me back in time. I remember Mr. Screen. That cinema is lovely too. I used to visit there for afternoon shows on my day off years ago...
I didn't have the nerve to snatch Blogaire's beguiling photo of Mr. Screen but a click here  will take you there.....

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This post originally appeared in Write Away on WordPress on 26/7/2010

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