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A Day Without Water

Today, I'm totally under the weather with fever and a headache, but I committed myself to blog about water today.  So here's my post.

When I came out to India, I noticed that the water supply only came on for a while in the morning and evening.  In Ireland it's on round the clock. My father in law would store water in some tanks for use when the water wasn't on, and we had a special treatment system for drinking water.  Something very new for me to see!  But I began to realize the reality of water shortage when the water supply was limited once to just once a day - in the evening.

For some reason, someone had failed to story water when it came on in the evening.  In the morning, when the water didn't arrive,  we were in a state of emergency.  My husband and I were very late with our daily routine and when the time came for us to have a bath, there was no water left.  Ok, we'd have a bath later.

But in that blistering summer heat, not having had a bath was agony.  In fact, it is necessary to bath at least twice a day in that weather.

We are so dependent on water for our housework.  We can't wash dishes without it.  We can't cook food either. We have to wash the rice and boil it in water.  For making the breads we have to mix flour in water. And we have to wash and boil the pulses in water too.  Not to mention washing the vegetables. 

The moment the water came on was the sweetest moment of my life.  Taking a bath was such a luxury.  Having a cup of tea was a joy.  We never again failed to store some water when the supply was switched on.

Today I'm blogging on the subject of water for Blog Action Day, to spread awareness about the vital importance of water in our lives.


  1. It is satisfying that I am able to comment now. One has to live in India in the summer months without assured water supply to really understand what you write. While in retrospect it is always funny, during the experience, it is far from it.

  2. I do hope you're on the mend now. You are right to remind us of what we so easily take for granting. The only time I've really appreciated the scarcity of water was on long sailing passages on our wooden boat when we carried all our water in plastic containers - I certainly took care not to waste it then.

  3. Yes, water can be an issue at times.
    And they expect more shortages in the summer...

  4. It's always interesting to read about your life in India, Maria. It's such a contrast to life in Australia! I can't imagine only having access to water at certain times of the day.


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