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Sundays in my City #7

A stray dog came to our gate today.  He was very hungry.  I had to give him something, it is just not right to ignore a starving animal.  My children are very particular about feeding the stray dogs.

He hung around for a while.  We know him.  He's been hanging around near our gate since early summer.  He has never bothered us in any way and is quite a peaceful animal.

After a while, he went off on his way.  Stray dogs in our area of Lucknow have been getting a bad press lately, following an incident where some strays got into a school and bit a six year old so badly that she ended up in hospital.  It seems, however, on investigation, that the dogs had stones thrown at them by some older children.  The poor six-year old girl paid the price for that, being unable to run away fast enough.  I hear she's okay now, but it must have been an awful experience.  Maneka Gandhi, politician and animal rights activists claims that these dogs generally don't attack unless provoked.  I feel she is probably right.  But the dogs have a horrible life on the streets, dodging cars and foraging for scraps.  Then there is the ever present threat of rabies.  One thing I find difficult to believe is the fact that there are so many imported breeds of dogs here - you see labradors and St. Bernards everywhere.  These are pets, of course.  But the Indian dogs on the streets are very nice dogs and as I said, they usually never attack unless attacked first.

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  1. In my experience street dogs don't attack anyone unless provoked or attacked first. They are usually quite placid and often timid.

    We also have owners of special breeds here and I strongly disapprove I'm afraid. If people really want dogs as pets, why not take one from the streets. We have taken in many over the years, not always to keep but to find good homes for, after giving them a good start. My two dogs are both street dogs and they are lovely as pets.
    It's a problem here as it is in India, and I wish something more could be done. I feed street dogs, as do many people, but there are just far too many.

  2. Good for you. I'm a sucker for stray animals too.

  3. That is so sad. I have two dogs and both were rescues from the local shelter.

  4. Poor dogs! I would hate to see a starving animal roaming the streets.

  5. That is sad. I actually am afraid of dogs so I would be worried with dogs around.

  6. How sad for the little girl to pay the price for the wrong doing of other people toward these dogs. I am also sorry for to read that these dogs are beign 'bullied' instead of taken care of as you and your family do. Well done for doing that. As Ayak wrote stray dogs can make a good house pet only if given the chance.

  7. I agree with Ayak, why not to take a pet from the streets!
    Here in our neighborhood are a lot of dogs - mainly alone during the daytime, barking, crying...
    I don't understand people being so selfish.
    There's no dog park near by...They just walk with the dogs one short round and back home.
    Dogs are animals and that's how they should be treated - exercise, running and playing. Not to keep them alone at hot home for hours, day after day...
    Many pets live like prisoners ...

  8. @Ayak & BLOGitse - I so totally agree. It is far better to take a bet from the streets and if we make sure they get plenty of exercise we will also benefit.

    @Ellen - It's very hard to turn you face away from them, isn't it?

    @Tara R - Well done, that's great.

    @Unknown Mami - you just have to do whatever you can.

    @Otin - that's very surprising. It might have been some formative bad experience with dogs.Some of the bigger ones can be quite scary all right...

    @Ms. Babyplan - I think the little girl is on the mend now, but it is sad if people turn on the dogs because of the wrongdoing of some kids...

  9. I would of done the same thing as you did. I can not stand seeing anyone hungry..animal or human.

  10. I am a dog lover myself. It was very nice of you to actually feed the stray dog. I know so many people that just ignore them. I don't recommend taking in a stray unless you know that they are clean (take them to the vet for a check up and shots). Some animal shelters here in the States will do that for free. There income is from outside donations. Of course, the dogs are later for sale and if the time comes when no one is kind enough to give them a home, they are sadly put down :-(

  11. Ranhjan has adopted all the street dogs in our locality as they have him. Nothing untoward has ever happened to him so far.

  12. It's so cute...
    We have the same problem here in Italy, but most of them are left on highways when people go on holiday... they are beaten and can get rabies... it's not their fault this is also why I hated our politicians voting "yes" to the vivisection law that allows to do this awful practice on stray dogs/cats... don't you think it's awful??????

  13. @Sonya & @Armyblond - Thanks girls!
    @Rummuser - one of the things I love about Ranjan is his love for stray dogs
    @...daisy... I do think it's awful...

  14. I am so sad for the way that animals get treated in some other countries.
    In England they would be captured and either re-homed or put down.
    It is a pity that they are allowed to breed out on the streets.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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