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In the Park - Sundays in my City #3

Went for an evening walk in the local park today.  I saw a stray cow eating the grass there.  I took a picture, or rather, I tried to, with my mobile.  In India, stray cows going around are very common.  Now, unfortunately it wasn't a very good shot so I followed the cow for a while to try to get a better shot.  I am not a very experienced photographer as you might understand from these pathetic attempts, but still......

The trouble is, I think I scared the poor thing off.  She refused to stand still and exited the park at the earliest possible opportunity.  See the picture below.  This is the last I saw of her after her hasty exit.  Oh, well.  Maybe next time........

I should also mention that today is Independence Day in India, the anniversary of the day this country became an independent nation.  I love this country which I have adopted and pray for it's peace and prosperity.  Jai Hind!  Long live India!

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  1. Stray cows must be quite a hazard for driving. The pictures are still do a good job of turning the writing into a mental image.

  2. yes, it is Looney. Cows can hold up the traffic alright. Thanks, I'm glad the photos are at least doing the job of showing what's happening as well as my telling it! :)

  3. Do you ever get used to seeing cows walking around loose? Your photos are a wonderful accompaniment to your story.

  4. I think the photos do a good job! I know what they are like now.
    I love to see the different things that go on in India.
    Yes....... long live India!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May X

  5. Happy Independence Day!

    It would be surreal if I saw a cow just wandering around my neighborhood.

  6. A stray cow!?!?! How fun is that!
    Happy Independence Day.

  7. That's the trouble with cows...they always think you're herding them. Sometimes when we're walking on a trail in the mountains all we want to do is walk around them. We can go quite a ways before we have a chance to do that. :)

  8. I'm useless at capturing images on my mobile, and I miss so much when I'm out and about because I always forget to take my camera. So I'd say your pics of the cow are pretty good...much better than I could manage!

  9. Aww I love cows, I would have tried to pet her!

    Happy Independence day!!

  10. I remember cows everywhere stopping the traffic...holy cow! :)
    I've been in bed for two days and after this back again, not well yet...
    Greetings from Casa!

  11. Happy Independance Day, India! Heck, I can't even master dialing a mobile phone, never mind take any photo's from one - I think you did a great job. What an image you conjure of stray cows happily wandering along the streets (smile).

  12. I like cows, but boy can they leave some impressive mess behind them. And here was I thinking the copious possum poo on the footpath when we were walking to the art gallery on Sunday was a problem!

  13. A photo shy cow? That is a new one on me.

  14. Stray cows! They are common here in Pakistan as well.. You know I used to wonder, where and where in the world do they have stray cows (Other than Pakistan).. Just got my answer: India too!

  15. Do cows get scared that easily? Here you can even pet them! :-D But here they're not "holy" and mostly have not a very nice "end"...
    Happy Independence Day!

  16. Belated Happy Independence Day!

  17. When growing up on the farm, we would stand and watch a cow "chew it's cud". Have you ever noticed how the jaws move to the left and right, to the point the back teeth really grind down on the food. Also, those big brown eyes watch us just as much as we were watching them. Our family cow was known as Bessie.


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