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Yash Promoted!

Something good has happened to my husband, Yash.  He has recently been promoted to being Head of the Biochemistry Department at his university.  I am really very pleased for him.  But you'd never think to look at him that he's been promoted.  He takes it rather lightly.  As far as he is concerned, it came to him by virtue of his seniority as he last Head has just retired.

Yash is tremendously committed to his job and to his profession.  He is a most sincere person who has no airs and graces.  I remember once at a school function for one of the children, another parent came over and introduced himself to Yash rather grandly as "Major So and So"  from "such and such" regiment.  With a smile, Yash replied "Pleased to meet you.  I'm Yash".  The situation could have turned embarrassing because Yash was so obviously avoiding standing on ceremony.  Thankfully, the function was about to start.

He never refers to himself as 'Dr. Yash'.  My father-in-law brought him up that way.  Yash has had the doctorate since he was 22 years old, but Papaji always reminded him that it is for other people to call him doctor and never to introduce himself to others like that.  Although self-esteem is good, false pride is a trap.  Taking pride in  your titles and achievements is like wearing a mask and not letting other people see you.

Yash is already a department Head of another smaller department in the same university.   However, I hope he'll be relieved of the smaller department soon.  Becoming a Head means his workload will increase substantially.  He will be less involved with teaching and research, which he loves and more involved with administration.

The fact that he commutes to the next city is a big problem for us.  I wish we could have taken a house over there a few years ago before the children started school.  Yash, however, was determined to live with his parents in their twilight years.  Spending long hours working and commuting means that he doesn't have much leisure time.  I know he'd love to start a science blog, but he'd never have the time for it now.

But once he retires, there will be time for all of that.  One thing I know about Yash, it is that he will always need work.  Preferably something that keeps him extremely busy and involved.  In the rare event that he has to sit at home without work, he gets bored out of  his mind!


  1. Congratulations! I'm happy for you both.

    Is there any way you can stop the comment moderation for a while? It's a lot friendlier without it.

  2. Well done Dr Yash! I think he deserves the title from me!
    I like the way that families commit to each other in India.
    There was a lot of wisdom in the post and I really enjoyed reading it.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Many congratulations to Yash. Although I feel for you because it will mean that you see him even less. I bet you sometimes wish for his retirement?

  4. I join the band in singing congratulations to all of you. It is hard on you and the children to have their father away for such long hours. Perhaps with a greater focus on administration, Yash will be free to spend more time with you and the children at the weekend.

  5. Congratulations. Does that mean that he is now full Professor too?

  6. "Although self-esteem is good, false pride is a trap"...very neatly placed words....and my Hearty Congrats to your hubby too...from this post I can imagine the person Mr Yash....oops i mean Dr Yash ;) (as your FIL rightly mentioned)

  7. Congratulations!!!!
    And... your husband is a great person... you're lucky but he's lucky to have such a wonderful wife too!
    A match made in heaven I'd say....


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