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Vegetarian Children - Non-veg Mother!

Yash, my husband, is a vegetarian.  All my in-laws are vegetarians.  They takes milk, but not eggs, fish, fowl nor any other kind of flesh food.  My children follow the same pattern.  Me, well I do that too.  Up to a point.  The children and I eat eggs, but not on Tuesdays, because that is the day my in-laws' god Sri Hanuman is worshipped.  One has to respect the local customs.  As the saying goes, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

However, when I get a chance, I  like to eat a bit of meat.  I have some Christian friends from Church and they often let me know when they are cooking something nice and call me over.  Sometimes in weddings, depending on the community the hosts belong to, some non-vegetarian food might become available.

Don't get me wrong.  I love vegetarian food.  But as I was brought up as a non-vegetarian, I like a bit of meat now and again.  But it has to be the kind of meat which I like.  No fat, bones or gristle, please.  Only lean meat is acceptable.  I never ate meat straight off the bone in my life and I never will.

It's kind of sad that we are a vegetarian family - because Lucknow, where we live, is famous for its' kebabs.  Too bad!  A Christian couple in my neighbourhood, Robert and Felicity, took me to the Muslim side of Lucknow one lovely evening after Mass in the Cathedral and we had the most lovely kebabs. That was a fabulous experience.  But these chances are all too rare.  However, things are looking up!  McDonald's opened up in Lucknow a few years ago.  I bring the children there sometimes.  They love the Coke, the french fries and the potato burgers.  That's their own choice.  It gives me a chance to enjoy chicken burgers.


  1. My Chinese vegetarian friends have vegetarian pork, veg chicken, veg salmon and veg shrimp. I enjoy eating with them, but also like the message it sends: We are vegetarians, but we would rather be eating meat!

  2. I would miss fish, fowl and flesh in my diet on a regular basis with the odd vegetarian meal thrown in for variety. Did it take you long to adjust?

  3. HI!
    Thanks for your comment on my photo of the Brown Limpkin. Your bio caught my interest; Irish, married an Indian, living in India. Great hook! I will browse through your blogs. Check out my other blog: where I share tales of my bread baking, writings, pups and what comes along. I'd love for you to join as a follower.... joining yours.... 80 followers soon to be 81! I have traveled but not yet to India or Ireland. Tell me more...

  4. I'm not a big fun of meat... simply because I don't like it... but I love Parma ham and Fiorentina... I couldn't say no to one of those and FISH: I love fish. So no vegetarian either! ;-)

  5. Mmmm...kebabs. I'm like you, enjoy the vegetarian but wouldn't be happy without some meat,chicken, and especially fish!

  6. In my home, I am the vegetarian and the other two inhabitants are non vegetarian. I cook for them as often as I can, and enjoy seeing them eat the dishes that I hustle up for them and the occasional friend who too wants to risk the experience. All of them inevitably feel sorry for me, but I suspect secretly envy me!

  7. lolll!!! vegetarianism is a state of mind....cant help.....but even if once a veggy taste going back....he will taste it again for cant blame you also :) Cheers and have fun!


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