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Postman's Blunder

In the part of India where I live, it is quite easy to send a letter by courier.  In fact, it is easier for me to send a letter by courier than by the post.  There are several courier offices within walking distance of my house.  The post office is miles away.  You have to take the bus to get there.  Yes, the post is cheaper, but if you want to send something to someone once in a while, you'll take the easier option, right?  The courier delivers the piece personally and won't hand it over without a signature.  That's very reassuring.  The postman does that only in the case of registered lette

Our postman has the annoying habit of flinging letters over the gate.  Sometimes the letters land in the bushes.  Or depending on what's going in, they may land in a pool of water.  This happens particularly in the rainy season.  I subscribe to the 'Reader's Digest' magazine and recently, my monthly copy did not arrive.  I was wondering what had happened to my magazine.  Then my brother-in-law trimmed all the bushes around the front yard (you couldn't call it a garden because it is cemented over) and my magazine turned up.   It had been lying in the bushes for weeks.  I suppose I should be thankful it wasn't the rainy season.

The newspaper delivery man is hardly any better.  He flings the newspapers (one in Hindi and one in English) over the gate too and where they land is anyone's guess.  Mostly they're okay.  Sometimes they also land in the water.  Many is the time we had to dry the newspaper on the line before we could read it.

My late father-in-law always sat in the front of the house and went down to the gate to receive personally whatever was delivered, be it a letter or a newspaper.  I suppose that's why we never got a mailbox installed at the gate.  Well, the father-in-law passed away six months ago.  I think it's high time we got some kind of mailbox installed.  Otherwise the problem will continue.  Of course the newspaper delivery man will continue throwing the newspaper over the gate.  The answer here, however, is to be near the gate when the newspaper wallah flies by on his bike, so that the thrown newspaper won't get damaged.


  1. That can really be annoying at times!

  2. You might like to fix a mail box to your gate and request these guys to put all the mail and the newspapers inside that. In high rise flats like most buildings here, we are obliged to do that so that the postmen do not have to go to multiple floors to deliver.

  3. Sad and funny at the same time. What a good man your father-in-law must have been. Maybe one of your children can take on this chore.

  4. I started laughing then I got serious again... This is an issue! I hope you'll find a solution soon...
    Isn't anyone else in the family that could do it perhaps?

  5. Well since living in Turkey I now appreciate how good the British postal system was/is. It's pretty hopeless here.


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