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An Invitation from the Dead.

I saw Yash laughing last week for the first time in weeks.  I couldn't believe it.  It is such a relief to see that he may be coming out of depression.  That he can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

He left some papers on a chair one evening when he came in from work.  I had a quick glance at them.  There was an English newspaper.  Great, only Hindi newspapers are delivered to this house.  Nothing  wrong with that, but I can't read Hindi very well.  An envelope to be collected from our house by someone.  And a wedding invitation.  From whom?  I picked it up, glanced through it and found it extremely odd.  I called Yash and showed it to him.  It was an invitation to the marriage of the daughter of one of his colleagues, he told me, but he hadn't yet read it.  So he read it.  This is what it said: 

"The late Dr. Om Prasad and late Mrs Kalawati Prasad have pleasure in soliciting your auspicious presence at the marriage of their granddaughter Neha Prasad (daughter of Dr. Ram Prasad and Mrs. Kanti Prasad) with Mr. Rahul Prakash (son of Mr. Ram Prakash and Mrs. Sheela Prakash)."

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read it and neither could Yash.  Well, Yash could. In that family, which he happened to know very well, the grandparents had apparently longed for the day when they would marry off their one and only granddaughter in grand style.  The fact that they had passed away in the meantime did nothing to deter the family from proudly issuing invitations in their name.

I know we shouldn't, but we both laughed, long and loud.  It just looked so strange to both of us.  Thank God the family concerned didn't see us.  They wouldn't have found it funny at all.  But we weren't laughing at the family who had so kindly sent the invitation.  We were laughing at how odd it looked in English.  There may be some genteel way of wording the invitation in Hindi which defies translation in English.  Yash told me that the invitation probably could have been worded as having been from the girl's father, mentioning that she was the granddaughter of these dear, departed people.  In fact, the mistake may very well have been the printers'.

"An invitation from the dead!" said Yash.  "I have only one question.  To whom should we address the RSVP?"


  1. That is both touchingly sweet, and utterly, hysterically funny (still smiling..)!

  2. That's too much. Like you said it was probably worded nicely in Hindi, but I'm glad you both got a good laugh out of it.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  3. I think if I received an invitation from the dead, I'd be chuckling too!
    Dropped by from SITS.

  4. "Dear Deceased ...

    ... so sorry you won't be able to make it to the wedding, but we will catch up with you later. "

  5. I find that so strange, nowadays in the west the invitations often come from the bride and groom.

  6. it also seems a bit wordy:) I'm glad the dearly departed aren't forgotten.

  7. I thought it was sweet and I'm glad Yash could laugh again. You've all gone through so much.

  8. We've received invitations from Mrs. So and So and the late Mr. So and So.

    Lost in translation...perhaps.

  9. :-D I am so glad that you finally had a good laugh together and that he's OK! :-)

  10. Glad to know he's laughing, but I'd be wary of where the reception might be held. ;)

  11. That's hilarous and so lovely at the same time! To have someone love you so much, they want to organise this for you from beyond the grave: now that's devotion. ;O)

  12. Stopping by from SITS to say Hi!
    I am adding you so I can come back & read more!
    Please stop by!

  13. A little bit heartwarming and a little bit chilling, huh? I hope you're going to the wedding!

  14. In this case, I advise skipping the RSVP entirely. As the Greeks knew, getting the message in would be easy, it's the getting out that's hard.

  15. Stopping by from SITS! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest.

    I would have had the exact same reaction - how could you not!

    Maria @BOREDmommy

  16. LOL and "soliciting" your presence! I'm not sure that sounds like the right word either!

    Too funny :)

    Happy SITS Saturday!

  17. Thanks for thre comment. A kindred Ani fan-- and I'm planning a trip to India with my mom and Grannie (she's scared to death) in 2011. This looks like a great blog to start following. Happy SITS Saturday.

  18. They all said it best, sweet and odd at the same time!

  19. I guess it's a nice way to honor them, but a bit odd and humorous! And I am happy that your husband is coming out of his funk.

    Stopping by from SITS to say hello!

  20. I still can't get over this thing about being late. I have to study it origin. I feel in Hindi as in Malay, the description may have been nicer or at least applicable. But late?? Late as in not coming at all?

  21. Hi Greetings:)

    I'm glad both of you had a good laugh. Well, it is really funny:) I agree that the parents held their father and mother in great esteem and honoured them. I admire the girl's parents. These days many parents don't even think of their parents on such occasions forget about honoring them. I remember in one wedding the old, sick grandparents were not even given transport to attend the wedding of their granddaughter and therefore they could not attend the wedding.

    I am happy that there are still parents who honour their parents even if they are dead. In the modern days many children don't have time for their own parents. There was a time when children came to their parents house to visit them during holidays. Now I understand that the parents have to go and visit their children during holidays because the children are busy.

    I can see both of you laughing and talking about this funny invitation card. I am sure the grandparents from heaven must have also had a good laugh and well pleased with their children's love.

    Surely we need such light moments to break the monotony of an otherwise dull existence.

    Have a wonderful day:)

  22. My first thoughts were how odd, but I just assumed it was a custom! It's sweet that they wold honor the grandparents in that manner. But I definitely understand the laughter!

  23. I think it's adorable that the family would include them in the invitation process!

  24. You could, I suppose, have RSVPd to St Peter, and he could have dealt with it?

  25. heh :) interesting invation! its funny how somethings translate when its been written in a different lanuage and then to english! Thank you for dropping by my blog :) The noodles did not last long at all! As spicey as they were my 6yr old couldnt get enough of them! Thats always a plus!

  26. That's very sweet, isn't it? I hope you are both feeling a bit better - it does take time.

  27. An emotional excerpt, gaelikaa! Speechless!


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