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Some of my readers may know that I was participating in TMAST recently.  That's Tell Me A Story Tuesdays, sponsored by Elizabeth Harper of Gifts of the Journey.  With the use of a selected photograph and topic sentence, I wrote seven short stories over a period of seven weeks and published them on my Wordpress site Adventures in Fiction.  I thoroughly enjoyed this project.  But now, Elizabeth has revealed that she is taking a break from TMAST for a while.  I think I'll continue with my short story writing, however.  It gives me a lot of enjoyment.

I'm also privileged to be a member of the Loose Bloggers Consortium.  Every Friday, ten bloggers includingme, and (in alphabetical order) Ashok , Conrad , Grannymar, Helen, Judy, Magpie11  Maria, Marianna and Ramanaji ,  an informal group of bloggers from the USA, UK, India and Canada, publish posts simultaneously on a common topic, then visit each other and comment.  It's very enjoyable.  (Please refer to last Friday's post for an example!).

I've signed up for membership of a website called National Blog Posting Month  (NaBloPoMo). The 'National' in the title means American as in USA, but the website assures that it is quite international.  The commitment is to post every day for a month.  Well, I enjoy a challenge.  Let's see where it leads!


  1. I wish you well with it, gaelikaa.


  2. I did Nablopomo a couple of years ago. Good luck with it. I'm looking forward to your daily posts.

  3. gaelikaa-I responded to your fb mail. I do want to continue with Tuesday's. Check out my reply and see what you think. I'm also trying for a blog a day, but didn't start until today!

  4. Where do you find the time to keep so many blogs going. I fine one difficult enough at times.

    I wish you luck with the projects Gaelikaa.

  5. Ambitious and stimulating plans. Have a good go and have a lot of fun with the writing.

  6. I found a guy in Calcutta who sells vegetarian hot dogs, and MAN, they're soooo good....:))))

  7. That does sound like an interesting project. I'll have to check it out, maybe she'll continue it in the future. And what an interesting idea about the group of bloggers meeting every Friday. I'd be interested in giving that a try...almost like guest blogging. At least you'd have guaranteed commenters!

  8. cool! it might be difficult to keep up with it - you know, Time flies! You won't notice how days pass... But you can do anything! I know! Best of Luck, Mom!


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