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And The Award Goes To...

I’ve been awarded the coveted ‘Splash Award’ by the wonderful Mimi, who, like myself is an Irish blogger, albeit one who actually lives and writes in Ireland. When I say ‘coveted’ I mean coveted by me! I’ve seen that award around and thought it would look lovely in my sidebar. And now it’s mine, to display and to pass on to nine nominees. Thank you, Mimi!

I have a very broad taste when it comes to blogs. I visit Irish blogs, Indian blogs, NRI (non-resident Indian) blogs, expat blogs, mama blogs, writers’ blogs and even teen blogs. I don’t like to limit myself to just one type. I feel that every type of blog has something interesting to say and something good to offer.

On receiving the award, it is advised (not ordered) to mentionand link the blogger who nominated you, nominate and link up to 9 blogs to receive the award whose blogs amuse, allure, bewitch, impress and inspire you and Inform the bloggers you have ‘splashed’ in their comment boxes.

The nominees to whom I would to pass on this award are:

(1) Grannymar
(2) Cheerful Monk
(3) Rummuser
(4) Life Through Reflections
(5) Lost and Found in India
(6) ‘Tid Bit from My Diary
(7) MelRoXx
(8) ‘My Husband Love & Soul Mate is on Kidney Dialysis
(9) Blogaire

One thing that I would like to make perfectly clear is: if you wish to accept the award without passing it on, it is absolutely all right with me. I’ve nominated all the above mentioned bloggers because I love their writing and enjoy visiting their sites. Everyone has their own personal circumstances however, and it just may not be feasible for some bloggers to get involved in the tagging/memeing scene. But it’s okay. Pass it on if you can, to less than 9 bloggers if you wish, but please do accept the award! It’s my way of appreciation for your wonderful writing and comment support.

MelRoXx has awarded me the very sophisticated ‘Your Blog is Swank’ award. Thank you dear MelRoXx. I shall, needless to say, cherish this wonderful award for the rest of my life. As above, same conditions apply. I thank and link to the blogger who awarded me and this time I can nominate and link to as many bloggers as I wish for the award.

My nominees are:

(1) Thoroughly Modern Mary from 'Caution….Woman at Work.'
(2) Vandana from 'Our Boy Wonder'
(3) Armyblond from ' I Can’t Believe I’m Still Single '
(4) Jazzy from ‘My Window On The World
(5) Angela from ‘Angela’s Soliliquy
(6) Anna from ‘Non-Fiction Chronicles of a Fiction Filled Life
(7) Charmine from ‘Travel It’s Fun’
(8) Kristin from ‘Bon Bon Rose
(9) Jackie M from 'AND NOW I FEEL BAD'
(10) Jan Mader from 'Ignite to Write'
(11) Clareybabble from ' Clareybabbling'
(12) Felli Bonni from Intoucher

As I mentioned earlier, if you wish to accept the award without passing it on to anyone, it’s okay with me.

And now I’m off to visit all my nominees! See you later!


  1. Oooh thank you for giving me another award!! I still have to do the last one and a few more!! Thanks so much xxx

  2. What an honour, thank you gaelikaa for considering me. I will post about it tomorrow.

  3. Ta love!! Blessings all around! :)))

  4. Thank you for the honour. I accept with great pleasure.

    It is quite a pleasant surprise to come across this second blog of yours. I must say that I am quite impressed.

  5. Thank you for considering me for the award.
    Great to see your second blog functioning so well. It is nice to read about those momments that from your day to day life.Keep them flowing. I wish you all the very best.
    I will put up the award in my blog soon. A bit tied up presently and not being able to contribute to my blog.

  6. What an honour!!!
    Thank you for considering me.
    I admire your writings.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is my first blog award and I'm so touched and honored that you thought of me! I cannot wait to post about it! My day up until this point has been super stressful and chaotic, and now I have a happy lightness about me! Thank you, thank you!

    Angela from Angela's Soliloquy
    PS - Loving your blog design!

  8. Congratulations! You surely deserve this award for you are a wonderful writer! I do envy you for all your knowledge. I will enjoy visiting your list of bloggers.

  9. Aw, thank you so much! Sorry it took me a while to come around to get my award, but I appreciate it very, very much.;))
    Thank you, hope you are having a great weekend.;)) xo

  10. Thank you very much, I will display it with pride. Also, thanks for pointing me in the direction of your new site.

  11. Congratulations...very well deserved!

  12. Just posted the awards on my blog, thank you! xxx


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